Generations Edition

Generations Edition

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  • 👪 MULTI-GENERATIONAL FAMILY GAME - Allow your grandchildren to get to know you and your life and they will let you into theirs. Spend quality time with the grandkids and by telling them about your past you will bridge the age gap in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It works for parents and kids too so share it!

  • 👪 OPEN AND MEANINGFUL COMMUNICATION - The essential skill for a healthy relationship. OUR MOMENTS Generations provides the kids with 100 icebreaker questions which encourages them to reconnect with you in this age of stunted communication. Captivating and engaging playing cards featuring interesting and thought provoking topics will open up a whole new world for them and you. A perfect dinner table game.

  • 👪 FOR A CLOSER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR GRANDCHILDREN - This game has been especially developed to help you, grandma and grandpa, to develop a closer relationship with pre-teen and teen grandchildren. MAKE IT FUN, upbeat, simple and positive. Use this game to “chat” and you will create the type of bond that can never be broken. Become an integral part of your grandkids’ lives and they will love spending time with you.

  • 👪 MAKE SURE YOUR GRANDCHILDREN KNOW WHO YOU ARE, FIRST HAND - Sharing laughter and fun can foster empathy, compassion and trust with others. Grandparenting is parenting with a lot less worry so you have a hand in this! Play one on one, the whole family, extended family and friends. Perfect for holidays and family get-togethers.

  • 👪 SHARE YOUR LIFE STORIES AND YOU SHARE YOUR HEART AND SPIRIT - This question box is loaded with 100 questions that your grandkids may not have thought to ask you. They’ll remind you of great times you may have forgotten. This family friendly game makes a great gift for birthdays for your own family or friends.
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