Top Love Card Games For Couples

Playing relationship card games with your significant other is a great way to strengthen and improve your relationship. It can be challenging, but it's also fun! Playing relationship card games together will help you learn more about each other and deepen the connection between you two. In this blog post, we'll list some of the most popular card games for couples so that you don't have to do all the searching yourself!

What are the top love card games for couples?

A relationship card game to strengthen communication and understanding between couples. 

This is a must-play for any relationship, especially if you two are looking to become closer. It's excellent for building trust as well!

This game helps each partner learn more about their other half through revealing preferences or things they would never do to make them laugh. Laughter guaranteed!

The object of this game is for both parties involved to work together to complete challenges that will bring you closer than ever before. The more complex the challenge, the better! Two can play this relationship game, so it makes it even better when you're playing against an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend who might be watching over your shoulder.


100 QUESTION GAME - where players go back and forth asking each other questions about their relationship history, interests, etc. with a time limit

LOVE QUESTIONNAIRE - fill out the same form but separately, then compare answers afterward to see which one matched up most closely to understand what are some critical areas of interest/similarities they have found in their relationship

RELATIONSHIP TRIVIA - players answer relationship-related questions to determine how well they know each other or with any general trivia that is relationship-based. This game could also be played via text message, email, etc. instead of in-person to add a little fun to relationship building

RELATIONSHIP CHARADES - one person acts out something from the relationship while the other has to guess what it is or try and prompt them into thinking if they are struggling with ideas/thinking correctly, etc

NEVER HAVE I EVER… GAME - ideal for couples who have been together for some time, this game involves going through things that 'never happened between you both up until now such as "never have we gone on holiday without arguing" or "Never have we ice cream after 11 pm". If you have done something that is on the relationship card, then your partner drinks. Make sure to take turns!

RELATIONSHIP BINGO - is a fun twist on traditional bingo for couples who want to play games together but don't want anything too heavy. Get your squad around and get ready for lots of laughs with this love-themed version! The aim of the game is exactly what it says in the title; try and find all 16 squares filled before anyone else does! This can also be played like a couple of charades if you'd prefer not to use the cards.



RELATIONSHIP TRUTH OR DARE - perfect for when you want a game that will get your blood pumping! You can play this with small groups of friends. Still, it's probably best to play in pairs to avoid awkwardness between teammates if they are on different relationship levels. The aim is simple; ask each other relationship-related questions and pick truth or dare to depend on whether you're feeling brave enough to answer yours truly

RELATIONSHIP SNAP - this twist on traditional snap offers players all sorts of fun opportunities thanks to its love-themed content! Perfect for couples who want something light-hearted that requires minimal thinking skills so they can spend more time focusing on each other rather than their board game.

RELATIONSHIP BATTLESHIP - relationship battleship is a two-player version of the classic ship sinking game. The aim is to cover up your love hearts as quickly as possible with just one more move! Relationship battleships can be bought online, or you could always try making your own using cardboard and some sticky tape if you don't want to spend any money on it, but remember that this might not be suitable for couples who aren't so fond of each other.

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