Fun Road Trip Car Games For You

The best part about a road trip is traveling together with your partner, friends or your family. Life gives you very few opportunities like a road trip does to discover something special about your fellow travelers and yourself. A road trip can get tiring and kind of monotonous, and this is why road trip car games were invented. They not only help pass the time, but can be quite fun. Sharing light, happy moments help people bond. A family that plays together stays together,
and the same can be said for friends.


The Traditional and Conventional


Some road trip car games have been around for decades. The 'I Spy with My Little Eye' is a popular favorite with the young ones. Kids love the excitement of identifying something by its color or the first alphabet the word starts with, and then waiting for other players to catch up with them. 


Twenty questions is another game that elementary school students would enjoy. The player selects an animal, mineral or vegetable. Thereafter, other players can ask questions that will be answered with a 'yes' or 'no', and will provide clues. Older children can pick categories that interest them. 


The state license plate game can keep travelers busy for a while. One can also play a variant of the game where players use the alphabets and numbers as abbreviations, and come up with full forms for the acronyms. 


Get Musical


No road trip is complete without music. The passenger on the front seat can change stations on the radio, and players have to identify the song. One could also get extra points for singing the next line of the song, or another song by the same artist. This game may take a while to play because it is likely that you would want to sing the songs together as a group. The fun part about this game is that no one minds how out of tune you may be!


Words, Words, Words


Being on the road seems to bring out the traveler's creative best. Try a game such as 'Fortunately, Unfortunately'. To play this game, one player will begin a sentence with the word 'unfortunately'. The next player will add a sentence which begins with 'fortunately'. And as the players take turns, a funny little tale is woven. One could also play 'Spin a Yarn ', where every player adds a little portion to a story. The more outrageous the addition, the more interesting the story gets.   


Memory games can also be quite enjoyable. You can choose a category such as fruits and vegetables for young children, and movies and car models for older children, or a category the players would enjoy. Each player adds an item, and after everyone has had a few turns if a player can remember all the items, they are declared the winner.


Let Us Give Them Something to Talk About


When it comes to road trip car games, conversation starter cards are an excellent choice. While the other games get a tad boring after a few turns, there is nothing quite like conversation cards to make the road trip truly interesting. 


There are many card game companies that offer conversation starters. Some are designed for adults and others for families. You can choose a deck that suits your trip. Most people live busy lives and rarely get an opportunity to have the long meaningful and fun conversations they want to. A road trip can change that. You do not have to make the time and choose the place for the conversation because the road trip offers you the perfect opportunity. 


Our Moments offers conversation starter cards for couples. You can choose a deck that facilitates meaningful dialogue or begin a flirty conversation with the Sexting Edition. For an 'all girls' road trip, one can opt for the Girls Night Edition. The conversation starter decks for families include the Families, Kids and Generations Editions. Buying an Adults Bundle and a Families Bundle will not only get you a discount on your shopping, but ensure that you never run out of conversation.



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