Card Games For Couples

Technology, globalization and industrialization has shortened the real fun moments between family members, friends and couples. Fast growing working systems, online networking at the workplace as well as homes have developed communication gaps between relationships. The fastest growing trend of social media enrollment, you tube, Facebook and a number of apps for online communication have minimized the necessity and beauty of offline talks and conversations. In the absence of requisite discussions between family members and couples, many small to serious issues stay unresolved which sometimes leads to major disputes and separations even. 

Advanced socialization and growing need to earn more in order to meet the standards of a quality of living both male and female partners dedicate most of their time to their career, kids and family. They both ignore or miss even little conversation between them. Big occasions are celebrated with more luxurious style but the basic need to enroll with each other in a comfort talk is ignored. 

Our Moments has presented a beautiful gift to resolve all the issues created in absence of offline communication between the couples. Conversation Starter Card Games for Couples provide the best opportunity to the couples to spend some quality time together. 



Our Moments serves as a leading brand of card games for couples, kids, family members and friends.  The New York Times has listed Our Moments conversation starters as one of the top rated card games brands. These card games are available on online and offline retail markets of the United Kingdom, United States of America, London and Canada. The brand has got 10.5k+ five star  reviews by customers. The average cost of a single card deck with 100 cards is $18.95. 

Card games for couples consist of 100 cards with a number of questions based on relationship and life. Exceptional to other card games, there are no specific rules or restrictions for the games but the couples can create their own ways to implement something adventurous and innovative method to turn the card game into a long term communication. Every question is an initiator of an interesting conversation. Partners who have been together for a long time or have just met  may assume that they know everything a lot about each other. But the questions on cards can present surprising revelations about both.

The theme of couple cards is based upon the facts that turn the moment into a pleasure time and as there are no rules hence there is no competition to win or defeat. The couple card games initiate long conversations where both partners surrender their egos and try to understand each other rather than judging each other. Long back issues due to lack of original communication get resolved and a beautiful turn it gives to the relationship by enabling quality time together. 



There is no need to wait for a special occasion to gift these cards to the partner as love needs no special time to celebrate. Yet anniversaries, birthdays, special candle light dates can be some of the best opportunities to present these couple cards to the beloved partner. 


Our Moments card deck is small, light weight and needs no extra space to add it in luggage for weekend trips or long tours. These card games can add spark to a boring moment and act as a booster to trigger romantic talks between lovers. 


Only relationships are the topic of conversation and no other worries of life hinder that romantic, eternal moment between the couples. Romantic trips, campings, long drives can be enlightened by means of this wonderful Our Moments Couple Edition. To enjoy the unending love talks by means of an interesting card game one must order the couple card deck. That would be delivered at the doorsteps of customers. This beautiful representation of ultimate love and understanding will rejuvenate love and charm between the couples





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